Our Team

A team of qualified and experienced professionals

Using brilliant taste and a touch of luxury, our team of professionals create designer furniture to order unique world class furniture collection masterpieces with the highest quality, reliability and elegance.

Our architects, technicians and engineers are available on ground to prepare all the floor, construction, building and design plans to ensure that customers receive the highest quality of service at every stage.

On daily basis, our staff of 18 is including :

  • 2 project managers
  • 2 engineers
  • 3 technicians
  • 1 senior graphic designer
  • 2 assistants graphic designer
  • 1 advertising and publication designer
  • 1 senior architect manager
  • 1 secretary & receptionist
  • 1 business developer manager
  • 1 accountant
  • 1 personnal assistant
  • 1 chief of security
  • 1 3D visualizer

Depending on a project, we call on our partners to join our staff to be able to meet our client’s needs.

We can have up to 150 or 200 technicians and ingineers to meet up our demands.



Leonie is the Group President, CEO, Senior Interior and Universal Designer, and the Project Developer of MUTODIOSA GROUP with headquaters in Nigeria. Just after her graduation, while running her own businesses, Leonie has served as a consultant in the private aviation industry for almost 2 years including airport handling services, leasing and maintainance of private jets. She has also served as an Executive Communication and Strategic Consultant for Presidential Campaigns accross western and Central African Regions. Leonie has work and lived in three (3) continents and speaks three (3) languages. She holds a Master Degree in Business Administration (2001) From ESCG Brussels / BELGIUM. She has completed her studies with a Degree in Negociation, Trainings and certificates. in Events Management, Interior Design and Strategic Communication ; leveraging two decades of technical, business and international experience in her field of operation.

Erik is the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of the Private Equity Firm, Green Valor Capital, and was previously Chief Financial Officer for the Citigroup Alternative Investments Division. He has held various senior executive positions in consulting organizations and the technology industry, including Deloitte USA, IHS Markit Technology, and Sprint Nextel.  Erik holds a MBA from Daniels College of Business (Denver university) and a Bachelor in Biophysics from Georgetown University. He is a Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Global Management Accountant

Ryan is the President and Chief Executive Office of Crown Industries headquartered in Los Angeles (US) and has previously served as Vice President Finance for Korres North America, a global leader in natural beauty products and as the Chief Financial Officer of GANT USA Corporation, a global clothing brand. Ryan holds a MBA from Columbia Business School (Columbia University – NYC) and a Bachelor of Business Administration from St Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia – Canada). He is also a Certified Public Accountant.

Kemi is the Group Head of Operations and Finances of Mutodiosa Group. She has worked in different industries in and within Nigeria: IT, Sports, Real Estate, Retail, Food and Agriculture and is adaptable to different cultures having lived in different countries. She has worked with numerous Multinational & Finances companies as a consultant in the relocation and real estate sector while also running her own businesses. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business with Computing from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. She holds certificates in Marketing, Events and Sports Management, Leadership and Management, Digital / Social Media Marketing and more.

Delicia undertake design project from concept to completion, she has experience in layout, colour, lighting, material selection, custom furniture and all installations. She is also a clothing and fashion designer. She has been a model for over 20 years and has served as a consultant for the big brands in the fashion industry across Africa and Europe. She holds a Bachelor degree in Fashion and design.

Executive engineer and Fleet Captain, Gustave has held for more than 20 years important Constructions and Maritime functions in Europe. He returned to Cameroon 3 years ago, He is in charge of development cooperation, negociation and construction of infrastructure for MUTODIOSA GROUP. He graduated from Regional Maritime University of Accra (RMU) in Ghana in 1997. He is brilliant and dedicated to his work. His experience is inspiring the new generation.


Long term outlook


Significant legacy


Market driven solutions

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