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The MUTODIOSA GROUP story began in 1990 when I was still a teenager. In addition to her work  as an executive secretary, my mother was a tailor. She managed to do some embroidery too. My siblings and I helped her make office and school uniforms, sofas, curtains and tablecloths. She flew all over to buy fabrics and accessories to meet the demand not just for a local market but also for the international market.

I grew attached to fabrics as time passed. During my graduation, I renovated and furnished a variety of appartments, offices and government offices. Back in my country in 2004, I set up a variety of companies in other fields of industry. So in 2014, I decided to set up MUTODIOSA GROUP. MUTODIOSA means  “GODDESS “. It’s a blend of spanish and my local language.

Currently,the group is embodied by people from four (4) continents and we are using a lot of languages. Our architects, designers and engineers come from Europe, Africa, The United Arab Emirates and The United States of America. We’ve decided to build your paradise with our luxury furniture and timeless interiors.

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About Us
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